Our Mission

Rescues Helping Rescues

Food is only one of many costs in animal rescue, but as a Food Rescue, Miss Dixie’s supports animal rescues with high vetting, maintenance, and food costs by reducing some of that financial burden.

Miss Dixie’s believes in equality for all rescues by distributing food and supplies to Southern Ontario based rescues in a timely way to ensure that donations are spread out to help as many animals and as many rescues as possible.

Costs of Rescue:

These numbers are a rough monthly estimate used to showcase the hidden costs of animal rescue, assuming care of 100 animals. Costs can vary wildly depending on the number of animals per rescue and the level of care required.

  • Vetting

    $2000 to $3000 to upwards of $15K depending on need

  • Dog Training

    $3000 to $5000

  • Dog Food


  • Single Feral Cat Colony Food


  • TNR Programs:


*These numbers are a rough monthly estimate used to showcase the hidden costs of animal rescue assuming 100 animals. Costs can vary wildly depending on the number of animals per rescue and the level of care required.

Success to date:

Thank you to the gracious donations from our partners, we’re able to regularly distribute skids of cat food, litter, dog food, treats, medicine, and small animal food and supplies for a plethora of species.

  • Skids per month


  • Food value per truck


  • Food value per year


  • Since founding


What the shelters Say

  • Miss Dixie's Foundation...

    Miss Dixie's Foundation once again has given Homeward Bound Rescue a trunk load of food and supplements. During COVID-19 HBR like all other rescues has been very limited on their ability to fundraise. It is thanks to people like Chrissy McKenty at Miss Dixie’s who help us keep running. Without the food and other donations we couldn’t continue to help the dogs in need.

    - #ittakesavillage - Hayley Nash of Homeward Bound Rescue
  • A HUGE thank you...

    A HUGE thank you and shout out to Miss Dixie's Foundation for the amazing donation of dog food, cat food & cat litter. This woman organized thousands of pounds of items for numerous rescues, and we were fortunate to fill two SUVs full. This is soo amazing, especially during this pandemic! This helps us so much for our animals, and we are so grateful for such an amazing person!

    Thank you so much - Fur Warriors
  • Thank you to our friends...

    Thank you to our friends at Miss Dixie's Foundation who are always so supportive of so many rescues. Earlier this week they sent us a lot of high quality dog treats, canned food, and joint supplements. These donations allow us to put monetary donations towards our medical bills. Hooray!

    Happy's Place- Retirement Home for Dogs

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Rescue in Need?

As we grow, we want to help you grow so that you can continue taking in animals in need. We reserve the right to deny any rescues who do not comply with Canadian Rescue Standards and Best Practices. https://www.ontariosheltermedicine.org/resources/guidelines/

We do request a small donation in order to offset the costs of renting a trailer for the pickup, but we will help fill your vehicle with the required food and supplies for your rescue (Cars $35, Vans and SUV's $45, Cargo Vans and XL Trucks $55).

about us

As a Federally Registered non-profit, Miss Dixie’s provides food and supplies to animal rescues, sanctuaries, pet food banks, foster organizations, and shelters so that they can focus their efforts on vetting and caring for animals in need.

Having worked in rescue since 2002, Chrissy McKenty realized the need for more organized food distribution after watching the fear of food insecurity in rescues result in stockpiling more food than they needed before it would go bad. Spoiled food helps no one, and it broke her heart to see it go to waste.

Miss Dixie’s Foundation was established in November 2017 to combat this and aims to make sure that small rescues throughout Ontario are given the resources needed to grow and take care of more animals without the fear of food costs.